Manual to Automation Tester: The Complete Course (JavaScript)

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Manual to Automation Tester: The Complete Course (JavaScript)


The Only Test Automation Course that Meets the Demands of the Modern Software Industry

Build your own framework using BDD, continuous integration, API testing, and selenium, and take it away with you to practice at home, or instantly bring value back at the office

Duration: Four-day course.
Cost: Starting at £2,100 (+VAT)* (payment plan available)
Location: Various. Our training locations can be seen here

* Limited availability, places are restricted to 7 per course. Please note that prices may vary depending on location.


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The MAT-JS01 Manual to Automation Tester JavaScript course is designed to transform any manual tester into a complete technical tester with all of the most desirable skills on the market and the ability to instantly add value to any company. No prior knowledge is needed, attendees will learn how to build BDD, Test Automation and Continuous Integration frameworks with industry-leading tools.

Learn the right way to implement automation, BDD and CI to really revolutionise your role. Make project testing joyful, inclusive and easy.

In addition to the hands-on practical training labs, attendees will be able to download their project test framework when they return to the office, allowing them to practice their BDD, Test Automation and Continuous Integration skills and grow them further with additional exercises and support provided by Safebear.


Who is it for?

Test Analysts, Developers and DevOps. No prior knowledge is needed, an introduction to JavaScript programming will be taught on the course.


Key Points

  1. Object-Orientated Programming with JavaScript

  2. Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with CucumberJS

  3. Code Control with Git

  4. Test Automation with:

    1. Selenium

    2. Mocha and Chai

    3. Protractor and Jasmine

    4. TestCafe

  5. API Testing with Postman

  6. Continuous Integration (CI) with Jenkins and SonarQube

All in one hands-on course.


Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is rapidly catching up with Java and .NET in becoming one of the most popular test automation languages. If you wish to develop your test automation code alongside the development of a NodeJS application or one which uses an Angular, React or VueJS frontend, then this is the course for you.


What tools will I use?

As a course attendee, you will build a technical test stack for a JavaScript project using the tools listed below.

Project Development and Code Control

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Node

  • Git

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD):

  • CucumberJS

  • Gherkin

Test Automation

  • Selenium

  • Mocha and Chai

  • Protractor and Jasmine

  • TestCafe

API Testing

  • Postman

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins

  • SonarQube


Why have we chosen these tools?

We have selected the key tools in the marketplace that are highly-demanded and essential to any JavaScript software house. 

The MAT-JS01 course is aimed at ambitious attendees who want to develop an expert skillset of modern tools and techniques.


What will I learn?

Attendees on the course will build a test stack around a Node web application throughout a typical project lifecycle. The course will guide attendees through the tools and technical aspects of the following techniques:

  1. Best Practices with Project Development and Code Control

  2. Behaviour Driven Development

  3. API Testing

  4. Test Automation

  5. Continuous Integration

A full schedule for the 4 day course is available to here Download datasheet

If you need any more details about the course, please don't hesitate to get in touch Contact us:


Is it OK that I have no technical experience?

Yes. The course is intensive, however the majority of attendees find it a rewarding experience that helps them and their company when they return to their workplace. 

Companies are on the look out for trained Technical Testers and we partner with recruitment agencies who will support your search for your dream job.


What will I leave with?

You will leave with:

  • Access to a cloud-based repository containing the test frameworks and project you built during the course.

  • A copy of all the course materials to practice at home on your environment.

  • A network of contacts to help when you most need it.

  • Support from partner recruitment agencies, if needed.

Any other questions, please get in touch using the email below. We look forward to meeting you on the course!

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Manual to Automation Tester: The Complete Course (JavaScript)