BlockChain and HyperLedger Course

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BlockChain and HyperLedger Course


All the Essential Knowledge and Skills behind the World's most Disruptive Technology

Duration: Two-day course.
Cost: Starting at £900 (+VAT)*
Location: Various. Our training locations can be seen here

* Limited availability, places are restricted to 7 per course. Please note that prices may vary depending on location.

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No prior knowledge is needed, attendees will learn what Blockchains are and the technology they are built on, how they work and what types there are. Learn about decentralisation, hash pointers, cryptocurrencies and build your own Blockchain! Using Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Solidity, Chaincode, and more, this course is for anyone that might be interested in this technology. Suitable for experienced developers or technical managers.


What prior knowledge/skills do I need?

No prior knowledge is assumed.


Where is it?

Our training locations can be seen here


Who is it for?

IT Managers and IT Professionals*
Developers and DevOps
* Please note that there are programming aspects to the course. Alternate learning activities are provided during this time for non-technical attendees.


What tools will I use?*

  • Hyperledger Fabric. A leading implementation of blockchain, managed by the Linux Foundation.

  • Ethereum. A leading open-source blockchain-based smart contract platform.

  • Solidity. A contract-oriented, high-level language whose syntax is similar to that of JavaScript and it is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

  • Chaincode. The API for Hyperledger Fabric, currently written in Go.

* Please note that there are programming aspects to the course. Alternate learning activities are provided during this time for non-technical attendees.


What will I learn?

The course follows the schedule outlined below:

  1. Getting Started - Hash Pointers and the Blockchain
  2. Getting Started - Digital Signatures
  3. Getting Started - Public Keys as Identities
  4. Blockchain - Decentralisation
  5. Blockchain - Distributed consensus without identity
  6. Blockchain - Proof of work, proof of stake and many others.
  7. Blockchain - Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  8. Blockchain - The disruption of decentralisation, changing industries
  9. Hands-on - Build your own blockchain
  10. Hands-on - Hyperledger Fabric, build a simple Enterprise-ready smart contract application (Dapp).
  11. Hands-on - Ethereum and Solidity, build a simple public smart contract application (Dapp).
  12. Roundup and Questions

For more information about the course, please read our Data Sheet.

The course has been written by the team working on the IPCV blockchain (based in Wales). The IPCV is a distributed application based on the IOTA Directed Acyclic Graph architecture (Tangle) which allows users to share skills and certifications with recruitment companies while retaining their personal data.


What will I leave with?

  • A Chaincode framework built during the day.
  • A Solidity framework built during the day.
  • A copy of all the course materials to practice at home.
  • A network of contacts to help when you most need it.


Gain Real-World Experience

On completion of the course the candidates who wish to gain experience will be able to take part in live projects for a period of up to 3 months. Based on this experience the candidates can apply for relevant jobs and will be able to get a reference from our project co-coordinator.



Yes. You will be surprised at how much you will take on. Our trainers are experts at demystifying complicated technologies and concepts. We also have a unique way of answering questions that is fast and memorable!

But please be aware that the days are intensive as well as fun, so no late nights the day before. And we start at 9:30am on the dot.


How competent will I be after the course?

You'll leave with a framework that you've built and can understand the concepts. In order to continue the learning process after the course and master some advanced coding concepts, SafeBear also provide Additional Materials to make it easy for you to practice at home.

Any other questions, please get in touch using the email below. We look forward to meeting you on the course!

Contact us:

Course code: BLOC-A1

BlockChain and HyperLedger Course
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