Test Automation Course (Appium)

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Test Automation Course (Appium)


All the essential skills you need to create a Mobile Test Automation Framework with Appium

Duration: Two-day course.
Cost: Starting at £900 (+VAT)*
Location: Various. Our training locations can be seen here

* Limited availability, places are restricted to 10 per course. Please note that prices may vary depending on location.

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Who is it for?

Test Analysts and DevOps.

What prior knowledge/skills do I need?

No prior knowledge or technical skills are assumed.

What tools will I use?

  • Appium. Selenium dominates the market in Mobile and App Test Automation for Android and iOS now that Calabash is no longer under development.

  • Java and IntelliJ IDEA. One of the most common programming languages and IDE for automation (other languages may be touched upon).

  • The UiAutomator2 Driver for Android and the adb.

  • XCUITest Driver for iOS.

What will I learn?

The course follows the schedule outlined below:

  1. Getting Started - Automation Testing Methodology

  2. Getting Started - Setting up your tools and framework for Android

  3. Getting Started - Setting up your tools and framework for iOS.

  4. Getting Started - Exploring Appium

  5. Automating a Test - Basic Usage and Virtual Devices

  6. Automating a Test - Connecting to Devices with adb

  7. Automating a Test - Interacting with applications on Android

  8. Automating a Test - Interacting with applications on iOS

  9. Automating a Test - Performing actions and gestures

  10. Automating a Test - Using Appium Inspector

  11. Automating a Test - Mobile web applications

  12. Automating a Test - Useful Hints and Tips

  13. Additional Exercises - Automating Windows apps

  14. Additional Exercises - Automating Mac apps

  15. Roundup and Questions

If you need any more detail about the course, please don't hesitate to get in touch and request a Data Sheet using the contact details below.

Contact us: hello@safebear.co.uk

What will I leave with?

  • Access to a cloud-based repository containing the Automation Framework you built during the day.

  • A copy of all the course materials to practice at home and a website for testing your automation skills.

  • A network of contacts to help when you most need it.

Can I really learn all this in a day?

Yes. You will be surprised at how much you will take on. Our trainers are experts at demystifying complicated technologies and concepts. We also have a unique way of answering questions that is fast and memorable!

However, as with any course, you will only really understand it when you put it into practice in a real-world environment. We know the framework you build and the course materials you take with you will stand you in good stead when you return to the office.

Really? One day?

Yes! But please be aware that the day is intensive as well as fun, so no late nights the day before. And we start at 9:30am on the dot. 

How competent will I be after the course?

You'll leave with a framework that you've built and can understand so you can instantly start automating tests back at the office. In order to continue the learning process after the course and master some advanced coding concepts, SafeBear also provide Additional Materials to make it easy for you to practice at home.

Any other questions, please get in touch using the email below. We look forward to meeting you on the course!

Contact us: hello@safebear.co.uk

Course code: CCA-AA1