Test and QA Summer Social (Cardiff, Wales)


Thanks to everyone who came to our Summer Social last night, it was fun to jabber on about all the exciting new developments that are happening in test at the moment and see what cool stuff you’ve all discovered. Thanks again to Yolk Recruitment for hosting the event and providing the beer and pizza!

I’ve tried to capture everything we talked about (a lot!) and provide the links to the tools and training resources that came up. Please let me know if I missed anything!

Test Automation


If you can’t Code yet:

  • Selenium IDE: Back from the dead and a good start for beginners.

  • Robot Framework: powerful, but buggy, with little-to-no support.

  • RPAs: Pretty, but limited, with Selenium under the hood.

throughout the Stack:

  • ToDo SubSecond: A brilliant example of functional testing in milliseconds (by eliminating I/O).

  • ToDoMVC: The same ‘ToDo’ app built in every possible web frontend framework - even pure JavaScript. Perfect for comparing the the different frameworks - and fun to automate each one and explore their quirks.

  • Property Cross: And the same idea for cross-platform development (also great for practicing cross-platform test automation).

Cross Platform Frameworks:

  • Appium is probably the best one out there. Exposes a single ‘selenium-like’ API, so you can run a single test against mobile, web and native apps.

Other Automation Frameworks:

Mutation Testing

Test Coverage is dead, long live Mutation Testing!

Visual Testing

  • Applitools is pretty much the market leader with their ‘AI’ product.

  • Jest Snapshots Not ‘visual’ testing. However the snapshots stop developers accidentally changing the DOM and breaking IDs, text or positioning of elements etc. Also available in Karma.

Pen Testing

Consumer-Driven Contract Testing

  • Spring cloud contract (docker-based for any language, looks great, we haven’t tried it though).

  • PACT contract testing (the original contract test framework).

  • It's even possible to do contract testing with Postman.

  • Dredd - test your API documentation.

  • Judge Dredd - convert your API docs to contract tests (supported by Hargreaves Lansdowne Tech - for microservices hosted on Kubernetes only it seems).

Performance Testing tools:

  • K6: performance testing from within your project (scripts are written in JavaScript). Gives performance testing power to the devs and a natural fit for CI.

  • Locust: performance testing in Python code. Suggested as a good alternative if JMeter struggles with your API.

  • JMeter Maven plugin

    • How to personalise Reports with JMeter plugin.

  • A detailed comparison of all the OSS Performance Testing Tools out there. Good to see that our favourite (K6) comes out well!

    NOTE: Don’t be put off by the fact that a lot of the most up-and-coming test tools use JavaScript as their scripting language. We believe that JavaScript will become essential to Technical Testers in the future so we highly recommend learning it. Here’s our mini-tutorial in JavaScript to get you started.

Test Management tools

  • XRay: Great tool if you use Jira, also handles cucumber feature files.