Embrace your inner Polyglot: Learning Languages as a Tester

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Testing has experienced a paradigm shift in recent years. Automation has enabled methodologies such as Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI) to flourish, dramatically reducing the number of missed deadlines, failed requirements and buggy products.

However, while Testers are core to the successful adoption of these technologies, they have struggled to adapt. Their involvement can be limited due to a simple lack of programming knowledge. Even our own Full-Stack Test Architect course requires that attendees must have a basic knowledge of at least one Object-Orientated Programming language in order to join the course.

However, getting up to speed isn't as hard as you may think.

New online courses have made this simple. For those of you who like to gobble down their learning in one go (like watching a whole box set over one weekend), there's the excellent and free LearnXinYminutes website. Here are the links for Java, CSharp and JavaScript:


Which are addictive reading. You can download the entire code (use the 'Get the Code' link) and open it into any editor you like (we recommend IntelliJ for Java, VisualStudio for CSharp and VSCode for JavaScript) to run the code as you learn. 

If this seems intimidating and you're into more bite-sized learning, we recommend the SoloLearn tutorials. Here are the links to the language courses:


Their courses are also free, and you can download the mini-lessons as apps on your phone, so you can learn to code while waiting for a bus or for the kettle to boil. Perfect for busy testers getting the coffee round in.

Finally, if you want to actually build something as you learn, we recommend Codecademy. Here's the language courses:


Please note that there are parts of this course that you will have to upgrade to a Pro (paid) membership to access. There's also no CSharp course.

Ultimately, until you start using the language in a real-world setting that relates to your job, learning a language will remain challenging. However this is where Safebear can help. Completing one of these basic programming courses is enough to provide you with the skills needed to join the Full-Stack Technical Architect foundation course and bring together the language and practical experience you need to start using your skills on a real project.

So go on, take the plunge and learn a language. You'll be amazed at the opportunities that will open up for you.

Please note that Safebear has no affiliations with any of these third party training courses and is not responsible for any of the content.