What Brexit means for Cyber Security in 10 seconds



That ringing in your ears is the result of an explosion in world politics that will last for years to come.

So what will be the fallout for cybersecurity? Our IT elves here at safebear have found mostly negative reactions (summarised below) - although there is some, likely futile, hope that companies will no longer need to meet the costly requirements of EU security regulations (coughGDPRcough). If you find any impact that we've missed (positive or negative), please comment and we'll include them below! 

Start the clock...

Security Research

Outlook: Uncertain

Over a third of research funding for UK universities comes from the EU. The UK government will need to replace this in order for the UK to compete in the tech industry.


Outlook: Uncertain

Some think that it will lead to a talent drain away from the UK as companies cut costs - preferring to take the risks of a cyber attack, however this is only likely if the UK enters another recession as a result. 

Some also say it is likely that cyber security firms (which have received heavy investment from the UK government in recent years) will relocate to the continent, where there will be a wider talent pool of cyber security professionals.

Intelligence and Homeland Security

Outlook: Poor

Sharing of intelligence is one of the cornerstones of the EU. And does help with the online battle against cyber criminals who could well take advantage of the confusion to attack UK companies, now seen as 'easy marks'.

Security Regulations

Outlook: No change

Everyone agrees that UK companies will still need to meet the GDPR and some say they may even have to jump through more hoops doing so. However some are more positive that this will not be the case and nothing will change.