Weekly Roundup - Top Breaches



The week started off with the news that 32 million Twitter passwords were circulating among the Russian hacker community online, causing Twitter to react by forcing users to reset their passwords.

However, the validity of the leak was subsequently disputed by Twitter who are known for their strong password security practices. Even so, safebear was the recipient of a forced password reset, so if you haven't signed up to two-factor authentication on the site, do so now.

Malware thriving in Company Shared Folders

Cloud security company Netskope have found that corporate shared folders are becoming increasingly full of Malware. A problem that only gets worse when uncontrolled and infected mobile devices are using shares on the network.

Word documents containing malicious macros were also found. Always ensure you open word documents in Word Reader if sent to you by email, but if you must open in Word, never enable macros.

University of Calgary Pays £10,000 to Recover Data

The University of Calgary paid £10,000 to unlock their data held hostage by ransomware. However they have not yet received reassurances that paying the ransom will lead to the data being recovered.

In an article published Tuesday by The Globe and Mail, University Vice President Linda Dalgetty said once the network was infected, the university couldn't risk losing critical data.

“We are a research institution," she was quoted as saying. "We are conducting world class research daily and we don’t know what we don’t know in terms of who’s been impacted and the last thing we want to do is lose someone’s life’s work."

Ransomware is becoming an epidemic - to stay safe, always remember to back up regularly, and keep your backups off your network when not in use.