Set up your tools

Visual Studio Community


Also ensure you install the ASP.NET and Web Development and Azure Development packages.


If you don’t have git installed, you can download it here:

Follow the online instructions to download and install.

Chrome Browser

Follow the online instructions to download and install.

Other tools

Instructions for dependencies and plugins are provided in the manuals, or included in your repository at the end of the course

Download your Framework

Clone your repository

This is the Test Automation Framework you created on the course.

  1. Start Visual Studio. If there is a pop up that asks you to update licence or account info, select the log in option. Otherwise, when the application has loaded, select the “login” option on the top right hand side.

  2. Sign in with the account you used/created on the course.

  3. Select File > Open > Open from source control. This will open the Team Explorer tab with “connect” selected in the drop down.

  4. Select “Manage connections” and choose “connect to project” which will open a pop up showing all of the repositories in your account

  5. Select the repository you want, and select “clone”.

  6. Your code will now be copied to your computer (your local repository) and will be shown in your Solution explorer. It will likely be showing you the Folder rather than the solution view. If this is the case click on the Solutions and Folders message at the top, and select the .sln option.

  7. Go to Test > Windows > Test Explorer and then click on Run All in the Test Explorer to check everything is working ok!


    If Visual Studio doesn’t automatically re-import your packages from NuGet, you may need to do this manually. The easiest way is to go to Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console and type:

    Update-Package -reinstall

    And this should fix the issues.

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